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TSC under attack as Parliament debates the effect of delocalisation

Post by : Robert Kamau

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia during a past appearance in the Parliament Buildings. The commission has increased the number of both maternity and paternity leave.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is under renewed attack from Members of parliament after a steamy debate ensured in the house.The members of National Assembly took issue with the delocalisation policy that was initiated by TSC CEO Nancy Macharia. In a motion introduced by Lurambi  MP Titus Khamara, The members took issue with the policy.

According to the MP, the delocalisation policy goes against the constitution and it contravenes the convection’s of the international Labour Organisation. The policy was introduced by the TSC in 2018 and was enforced heavily. According to a directive from the commission at the time. The policy aimed at integrating the teachers with the communities across the country.

This move saw teachers especially administrators shifted from their Home counties to far fledged counties in the country. At the time teaches were shifted from counties like Kiambu and posted to counties like Kakamega even others being posted as far as West Pokot.


Kenya has experienced uninformed employment and lack of increased inter-community understanding. This move was aimed at helping the non-local teachers help local students see the different point of view from other people. The policy is now under increased criticism from MPs. Khamara is on record saying that, the move has led to very many cases of divorce and home breakages. This happens when a spouse is posted away from his/her family.

The Lurambi MP also noted that the policy has demoralised teachers and this has affected their input into the sector. The MP now wants the TSC to scrap the model and engage in an extensive policy work development to replace the same. He urges that at the time of implementing the delocalisation policy. The employer didn’t conduct public participation forums as required by law.

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The motion has attracted interest across the political divide signalling better times for teachers across the country. The members of parliament however indicated that they are not against the policy in its entirety but have a problem in its execution.

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