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Tricks Robbers Use To Mislead Officers And The Media

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In the past months, crime rate has increased in several counties, Nairobi been the number one county with high crime rates.

In November 2022, Nairobi residents raised concerns over increasing cases of insecurity in the town.

On Tuesday November 8, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation(DCI ) highlighted one of the cases as they nabbed a wanted armed leader gang leader in Kayole, Nairobi.

DCI states that, the attackers who wreck havoc in the city carry out surveillances to identify their targets.

The Tricks Done

“Before pouncing on their prey, they conduct a proper  survey to establish the escape plan and how to execute their robbery plan.”

“One of the gang members then shares the information gathered with other attackers briefing them on how to rob and escape without been caught,” DCI exposed the robbers.

After achieving their goal, one gang members remains behind , acts as an eye witnesses and volunteers to inform the media about what happened.

According to the  DCI , the gangs are well organised to the point they assign members to remain behind and deal any incriminating evidence.In addition to that, the robbers on police radar in Nairobi reportedly disguise themselves as boda-boda operators.

The trick was exposed after DCI on Tuesday arrested the main suspect connected to a series of robberies within the city.

Furthermore, the suspect is accused of robbing a businessman who had withdrawn money from a bank in Donholm, Nairobi.

The suspect is linked to numerous city mobile money shop break -ins. Following his arrest , Director of Criminal Investigation Amin Ibrahim ordered a nationwide crackdown on gangs.

“Consequently, the DCI director has called on detectives countrywide to be on the lookout for criminals terrorizing innocent members of the public , especially those using motorbikes as their getaways ,” DCI statement read in part.

The operation comes after , many complaints raised by Nairobi residents over high number of crimes  increasing.

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