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Traditional healers banned in Uganda as Ebola spreads to Kampala

Post by : Robert Kamau

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He has just banned all the traditional Healers to seize operations in a bid to curb the spread of Ebola.

Traditional healers in Uganda have been banned from operating by the president. In a televised address the President ordered that all Traditional healers should seize operations. This is a move by the government of Uganda to curb the spread of the Ebola virus. Uganda has been battling the deadly disease for almost a full month. This ban comes at a time when the first Ebola case was confirmed in Kampala raising the threat level high.

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and it is most populous city in the landlocked country. The occurrence of the virus in this city has caused worries among its residents. As Uganda struggles to control the Sudan Ebola virus variant, Experts are rolling out clinical trials on vaccines. The current variant in Uganda is resistant to the available vaccines.

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New Ebola Virus Outbreak Claims first medical practitioner in Uganda

Available vaccines for Ebola are common with the DRC variant. Currently the world Health Organisation and the ministry of Health in Uganda are leading the charge. according to statements issued by WHO A statement issued by WHO said there were 54 confirmed cases and 19 deaths since the outbreak was first reported in the central district of Mubende on September 20.

During his address, Museveni also issued orders to the police to arrest all infected persons who are not in isolation. Civil Rights activist are claiming that this will be a violation of people’s civil liberties. However, the president reiterated that his is doing this to protect the country from a national pandemic.


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