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Tom Wolf ‘Ruto might loose to Raila’

Post by : Sue Njihia

Tom Wolf TIFA’s political analyst has said that the criticisms between President Uhuru and presidential hopeful William Ruto will  make him Ruto loose to Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

According to Political analyst Tom, such reprovals  for instance ones involving murder has made Raila seem sober and relaxed.

“I think with the barbs being exchanged between the president and his deputy, in a way it makes Raila – who is not in the middle of this look more sober and relaxed. Given the fact that more Kenyans are conservative in their personal relations, they might be put off a bit by this mud slinging. I am not sure,” Wolf said.

Raila edges past Ruto in latest opinion poll – Nairobi News

Tom also suggests that Ruto’s response to Uhuru’s criticism is unnecessary. As seen in the past few days ,where Ruto slammed back at Uhuru for criticising him during  a campaign meeting.

“Leave me alone. I supported you when you needed a man to support you. If you don’t want to support me, leave me alone. With a lot of respect my friend Mr. President be a descent human being. Being thankful stop pretending yet we are the ones who helped you. Now you are threatening me, as long as you don’t kill my children, let us respect each other,” Ruto said.


In his response the soon to retire president stated that he is in fact eager to retire and does not intend to do any evil during his last days in office.

“Everyone, including myself, has the right to campaign for whoever they want. There is no reason for insults and If I answer you because you have lied. There is no reason to tell people I want to kill you,” he said.

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