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TIFA;presidential candidate Raila Odinga is still the most popular presidential candidate

Post by : Sue Njihia

Azimio-OKA presidential candidate Raila Odinga is still the most popular presidential candidate, currently with 46.7%, according to an opinion poll by Trends and Insights Africa. The Deputy President and Kenya Kwanza flagbearer William Ruto comes second with 44.4%.

George Luchiri Wajackoya of Roots party comes third with 1.8% while Agano party leader David Mwaure is trailing with 0.1%.

5.2% of the people who participated  in the opinion polls are yet to decide on whom they will support for presidency with only 10 days remaining before the general elections are held. In Tifa’s  previous polls, Ruto was at 39% while Raila was at 42%.

In terms of support in regions, Raila has shown dust to Ruto in Nairobi with 59%, Western 61%, Nyanza 80%,  lower Eastern with 58% and South Rift at 60%. Ruto must be disappointed with the areas especially his backyard South Rift. In Mt. Kenya and Central Rift, Raila enjoys a support of 27% and 15% respectively.

On the other hand, Ruto enjoys greater support in Mt. Kenya(66%) and Central Rift(83%). In Nairobi, his support base stands at 34%, Western 26%, Nyanza 12%, lower Eastern 35% and South Rift 34%.

New polls show that Raila is the most preferred presidential candidate

Regarding how the candidates performed along with their running mates, Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua maintained a lead in Central Rift and Lower Easter with  83% and 66% respectively.

The Raila Karua ticket is however the most popular in Lower Eastern, Nairobi, Nyanza, South Rift and Western.

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