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This is the last time to flag of Relief Food: President Ruto vows

Post by : Robert Kamau

President William Ruto has vowed that this is the last time that he will be conducting the ceremony of disbursing relief food to hunger stricken Kenyans. During his speech, the president indicated that it is very shameful that we are still reactive to drought instead of proactive.

The president went on to say that he will holding a meeting with all the leaders in charge of drought management and developmental partners. The meeting according to the president will seek to effect better strategies  on how to deal with drought management.

Kenya has been dealing with drought and hunger problems since independence. It is notable to say that the country’s founding fathers vowed to fight the menace. However, 60 years later the country is still grappling with Drought and hunger among its people.

If anything is to go by, Kenyans blame poor and bad leadership for the problem. This sentiments were reechoed today by the president who indicated that he is going to work with experts to find a long term solution to this problem. President Ruto went ahead to say that, Drought will always be there but we don’t have to treat it as an emergency.

President  Ruto. The president has vowed to end the drought.

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Barely after a week in power the president, has indicated the need to subside production and not consumption. Experts believe that this move will help solve the food crisis in the country and address the high cost of living.

According to the president over 3.5 million Kenyans are currently experiencing severe drought and hunger.

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