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Thika ‘Fake Street Beggars’ Busted

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In the streets of Thika town, ‘fake beggars’ who have been begging money from members of the public in pretense that they were disabled have been warned.

Deputy County Commissioner Mbogo Mathioya, said over the month the town has seen an increase in the number of beggars with some making a fortune out of unsuspecting passerby’s.

Speaking in a joined meeting with officials from the National Council for Persons with Disabilities Kenya(NPDK) in Thika Town, he warned that his office would not hesitate to take action on such characters, saying that they would intensify crackdowns to remove them from the streets.

This comes after a recent crackdown on disabled persons in the town reveled that most of them lived normally with some even running for their lives when chased by the police.

“We know most of the beggars on the streets of Thika Town are pretending to be disabled are normal. Some revealed that the make more than 300,000 monthly from begging. This will not be entertained henceforth,”Mbogo stated.


He also warned beneficiaries of the trade tools against selling them saying they would help empower them to earn a living.

“There are still people with the audacity of selling the tolls once they receive them from the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya(NFDK). Don’t sell these tools. They will help empower you to earn a living.” he said

NFDK chairperson Prof. Julia ojiambo advised the beneficiaries to use the tools for the intended purpose to improve their lives.

She said that their office has received reports that some sell the items at a low price to get quick cash.


Among the items include, farming tools, digital cameras, salon and beauty tolls, carpentry, welding machines, tailoring machines, wheelchairs and crutches.

She also said that the government has committed itself to ensuring that PWDs live better lives through funding of their businesses and the provision of mobility assistance device.

The Prof, also urged PWDs to apply for disability membership, advising them to get the application forms at Social Protection offices.

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