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Thika: 300 Cartons of Counterfeit Alcohol Impounded following the Presidents directive

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Sunday, Thika police, impounded counterfeit alcoholic beverages following an operation on high-level tax evasion schemes by traders dealing in alcoholic products.

300 cartons containing thousands of bottles of counterfeit sprits, destined for the local market were recovered in a joint operation between police and KRA officials.

“The counterfeited drinks whose safety to consumers could not be immediately ascertained were packaged in branded bottles that are very popular among the locals including, Kane extra, King Vodka , Nest Vodka, Hunters Vodka, Blue Ice Vodka among others,” police statement read.

The police, had earlier raided a residential home in Makongeni Thika, where empty bottles of different brands, hundreds of liters of alcohol and the illegal consignment were confiscated.

“KRA officers accompanying our officers during the raid confirmed that the seized drinks had counterfeit revenue stamps on them.

“The recovery comes days after detectives arrested suspects engaged in the printing of the fake KRA stamps including those from neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania,” Police added.

Police said the ongoing operation follows a recent directive by President Ruto to the police to conduct operations countering counterfeit goods, after it was discovered that crooked businessmen had devised new ways to evade taxation.

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