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The Youth Today:Drugs and the party Life

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A Picture showing what's leading to closing of clubs. Drugs are a common sight in this club.

The lifestyle of today has changed many of the young people. From using drugs to partying all day. ‘YOLO’ a phrase used by many meaning You Only Live Once and so do the youths take the phrase literally.

We take a look at some of the lifestyle trends that  have taken over in the recent years.

Drug Usage

From drinking alcohol ,using of vapes and chewing of Khat ‘miraa’ are few of the drugs that youths takes. In today lifestyle if one is doing not any of that they are considered uncool and not up to date with the trends.

Khat a local drug also recognised as ‘jaba’,’ or ‘miraa’. in the busy streets of a town a young man  passing by walking on the streets with a  new street swag or style , seen on his pockets are leaves visible his  mouth full as he continues to pick other leaves from his pocket adding them in his mouth. The drug contains a stimulant ‘alkaloid cathinone’ which causes excitement ,loss of appetite and euphoria which leads to dependency of the drug.

Even though our countries exports the drug, it has been banned to some countries because it is harmful.

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Vapes an e-cigar rate which is considered to be better than normal cigar rates, burns by using a battery , though it is a new drug still its considered better . like a normal cigar rate vaping still causes the same illnesses lung cancer , high blood pressure.


Kenyans love to party, as we have seen from the uproar when the some clubs were about to be closed down. From event appearances  to ending a day in clubs. Kenyan youths never miss a chance to party.

Partying is so deep deep in our culture that musicians have sung about it.  A popular song called ‘Alaa!!’ lyrics that say ‘aty monday ni kazi’ the lyrics go on saying ‘aty thursday tunangoja friday’ the songs uplifting knowing that in Kenya the weekend starts on a Thursday till Sunday.

As the youths are still getting to know the world and the secrets in it. Do not let peer pressure influence you consume you into making wrong decisions.

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