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The US Embassy has addressed complaints regarding visa delay

Post by : Sue Njihia

The US Embassy has addressed complaints regarding visa delay.According to the Embassy the frequent visa delays was caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

”Due to COVID 19 health and safety measures immigrant visa interviews at US Embassy Nairobi ceased for over a year.The Embassy restarted interviews at full capacity in February 2022 ” read the statement

The visa delay is a worldwide problem but efforts to gain normalcy are ongoing.

Visa interviews might also be extended for some applicants .According to the statement from the Embassy the first available date for a visa appointment in Nairobi are in June 2024.

Kenyans who fail to get visas will not be refunded. Th embassy emphasised that Kenyans should make more informed decisions before making payments when submitting applications.

”Kenyans renewing visitor (B1/B2 category) or student Visas (F category) whose visa expired less that a year may be eligible to renew without an interview,”Read the statement.

In emergency situations such as the death of an immediate family or urgent medical care , appointments will be hastened.

DCI has launched investigations into Omanyala’s visa delay

The embassy promises to speed up the processes of conducting daily interviews and reducing of visa interview wait time.

However a lot of Kenyans have put out cases where their visas had been denied despite being in desperate need.

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