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The Supreme Court dismisses former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s appeal

Post by : Sue Njihia

Sonko’s Joy  short-lived after the supreme court ruled out that the former governor’s impeachment was constitutional.This comes after the IEBC had officially cleared him to vie for the Mombasa Gubernatorial seat.

The seven-benched judges decreed that the impeachment  proceeding was done in accordance to the Article 181 of the constitution ,Section 33 of the County Governments Act.”A county governor may be removed from office on any of the following grounds;gross violation of this Constitution or any other law;
,where there are serious reasons for believing that the county governor has committed a crime under national or international law; abuse of office or gross misconduct; or physical or mental incapacity to perform the functions of office of county governor.

“From the record and submissions before this Court, we come to the irresistible conclusion that the impeachment of the appellant was in compliance with the Constitution and the law. We, therefore, find no merit in the Petition of Appeal,” The supreme court ruled out.

In his defence Sonko stated that there was no public participation as required by the constitution but the court begged to differ.

“There was sufficient public participation, the intended tabling of the motion for the impeachment of the appellant was not only advertised in a local daily newspaper with wide circulation, in response to which people submitted memoranda, but also a survey was conducted in the county in the form of questionnaires. This was in addition to the fact that the proceedings were conducted in public,” the judges added.

The courts verdict impairs Sonko from vying for any public seat currently and  in future.

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