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The scavenging pandemic of Ebola in Uganda and Africa

Post by : Robert Kamau

Ebola is known as the second most deadliest disease in the world. The virus is currently affecting m,any countries especially in Africa. Most countries in West and parts of central Africa area currently under a serious threat from the killer virus.

Among this countries is Uganda. Uganda has recorded an alarming number of Ebola outbreaks in the past month. The disease is currently ravaging through Uganda like wildfire fire. It has already claimed very many lives. Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe , Fatal disease that affects Humans and Animals. The virus is transmitted from wild animals and then onto people. The most common means of being infected is touch from an infected person. The Authorities responsible for tackling the virus advises that people should avoid physical touch.

Also the virus is spread through bodily fluids such as  Blood,semen and saliva. The current pandemic ravaging through Uganda is the second outbreak. The landlocked  country experienced the first Ebola outbreak on 8th October 2000. The outbreak was recorded in the District of Gulu in the northern part of Uganda. The second outbreak was recorded 22 years later  on 20th September 2022.

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The Second Outbreak. 

The second outbreak was recorded in the village of Madudu sub-county in Mubende district, central Uganda.according to health officials in the country, the strain is referred to as the Sudan virus (SUDV).

The world has joined hands with Uganda through the World Health Organisation. WHO has deployed  a central team of experts to support the establishment of a treatment unit in the Regional Referral Hospital. Uganda  has also restricted travel in and out of the country. This move is aimed at curbing the virus from being transmitted to neighbouring countries.

Photo//The cycle of Ebola transmission.Ebola is currently ravaging Uganda and some countries in West Africa. 
Photo//The cycle of Ebola transmission.Ebola is currently ravaging Uganda and some countries in West Africa. 

Kenya on its part has tasked the Ministry of Health to be vigilant in screening of all persons entering the country especially through the Kenya- Uganda Border. Border counties have also been on high alert to prevent the spread of the disease in the country.

Story courtesy: Hillary Musyoki 

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