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The Miracles of Prezzo; forcing emergency contact 999 to work

Post by : Leah Achieng

Rapper Prezzo says he made the emergency system 999 starts working. Speaking in an interview with Makena on ‘Glow up with Makena’, Prezzo revisited the scenario in 2017 where he tried calling the emergency services with no luck.

“I made this number work by myself.”In 2017, Larry Madowo had asked him a question about his involvement with Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe.

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In response, Prezzo said that there were pressing matters to address like the fact that the emergency lines in Kenya didn’t work.At the time, on live TV, they called the 999 lines but no one responded.

Two days later, he revealed that his efforts to make the system functional bore fruit and the emergency line is 100% functional.In the recent interview with Makena, he called the emergency line and it was indeed working. The officer on duty said they work 24 hours a day to serve Kenyans.

Prezzo urged Kenyans and bloggers to create awareness that the 999 emergency line works and they should call it for help in case of an emergency.999 is an official emergency telephone number in a number of countries that allows the caller to contact emergency services for urgent assistance.

The security incident

A few months ago, Prezzo also opened up on why he always wears a bulletproof vest whenever he is stepping out.In an interview with YouTuber 2mbili, Prezzo disclosed that he vowed to protect himself after being robbed and shot at a close range, a few years ago.

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“When it comes to security; there is no second guessing because I have been shot before at close range. That’s why I know I am here for a reason.“So anybody watching this make sure when you come, aim for the head,” Prezzo stated.

In June 2020, while appearing on CTA, Prezzo opened up on an ugly incident that left him with a permanent scar on his head.He disclosed that he was shot at a close range by thugs’ days prior to his wedding. At that particular time, his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat was pregnant with their daughter Zahra Bohke.

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