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The ‘he’ Mental Health Awareness

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In todays world, men find it difficult to open up on how they feel, about their mental health. Many say that’s its too girly, men should be strong and emotions should not be shown.

A survey done shows that men are at a high risk of attempting suicide than women.

Mental health affects all and it can make one go crazy. So why don’t men open up if they feel pressured, if they are suffering?

A cultural stigmatization were men believe talking about the way they feel is considered a weakness. Because of this, men find it difficult to speak up about their mental health , some become more reluctant to seek treatment to help them manage their symptoms.

Furthermore, men tend not to seek help because of the traditional gender roles were men are perceived to be the provider hence discouraging them not to talk about their feelings.

In addition to that, research on men’s health is given a low priority,  lack of funding and attention leads to the mistaken belief that ‘No one cares about men’ sometimes, men don’t want to feel like a burden to others, if they can solve it , no need of including other people. However solving  issues on your own might seem ok, but it leads to social isolation , relationship difficulties and worsen feelings of depression.

How we should help

Fear not men, even though you don’t want people helping you,  since it shows weakness ,we will force our way in  and help you.

Having someone  to talk to when your feeling sad, this can be a close friend or having a therapist it helps you to uncover and work through specific issues that may have contribute to mental health issue as well as teaching you how to cope

In addition to that, attending behavioral therapies , the therapies address negative unhealthy thought patterns and make positive changes to behavior it is often used to help people who have different personality disorder or suicidal behavior.

Avoid the people that make you feel less than yourself because, talking on how you feel helps.

Even though it is hard talking about your mental health ,know that it is important to keep yourself ok.  Mental issue is not a joke and it affects everyone.

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