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The Cries Of people to the Government as Famine affects them

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

An image depcting the dire situation in the country where people are forced to share drinking water with their animals.Famine

In the past several months,Kenya has reported a large number of dead livestock which is estimatted to be 1.5 million dead due to lack of rain (Famine) in the past months. People living in counties such as Makueni,Mandera,Turkana,wajir and others in the Northern part of kenya are pleading to the government to help them.

Mandera county,found is the northeast of kenya has reported a high case of malnutrion in both children and adults but the ones mostly affected are the children. This is due to lack of both food and water for the parents thus making it hard for them to provide for their children. Many people in mandera said that due to lack of water many of their livestocks are dead thus causing them to lose money to provide for the children.Most of the children weigh less than a normal child thus, making them been termed as children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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The government has reported saying that if there wont be rain for the next coming months many of the counties will be affected but its doing its best to help them as some of the people in mandera county were given sacks of food to provide fot there cattles and also the National Drought Management Authority is also helping to provide for them.

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