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The Azimio presidential candidate Raila says he will not share  a platform with William Ruto

Post by : Sue Njihia

The Azimio presidential candidate says that he will not share  a platform with the Kenya Kwanza William Ruto. According to Raila Odinga’s campaign secretariat ,William Ruto is willing to go to any extent to acquire votes. Instead Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua will hold a televised town hall meeting ,where they will be able to engage with their voters.

According to Professor Mutua ,The Raila’s campaign secretariat spokes man ,William Ruto has no regard for morals and ethics.” That is why he has demanded that the debate not focus on corruption, integrity, ethics, and governance — the key existential questions that Kenya faces. These issues sit at the core of the Azimio campaign,” said the secretariat’s spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua.

“It would be a colossal mistake to reward such a person with a national debate…. In lieu of a traditional debate, we plan to take part in a televised town hall at Jericho Social Hall in Nairobi’s East lands with ordinary Kenyans to offer our solutions to the challenges facing the country and common people,” said Professor Mutua added

on the other hand The Kenya Kwanza team urges the debate moderators to give each candidate equal time to defend their agendas.

“We note with dismay that an overwhelming allocation of time was devoted to canvassing personality, political relationships and similarly trivial pursuits at the expense of the issues that Kenyans demand and deserve to know from the campaigns. We regret to observe that a crucial opportunity was therefore laid to utter waste,” said Hussein Mohammed  , the Communications Director for Ruto’s Presidential Campaign ,In a letter to the Presidential Debate Secretariat.



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