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Tequila Bottles Seized Containing Liquid Meth

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Mexican navy has gotten hold of almost 10tons of liquid methamphetamine hidden in 11,520 bottles of tequila intended for export.

The 8,640 kilograms of drugs was located by authorities. Using sniffer dogs and a chemical identification system. After inspecting the container housing over 960 boxes and the the tequila bottles at the port of Manzanillo-a city in the western coast of Mexico.

Samples were taken to a navy laboratory for further analysis where the drugs were confirmed to be meth.

In the 2023, Mexican navy has seized and destroyed approximately 114tons of meth.

Drug traffickers have found new ways to transport drugs. Meth which usually take a form of crystals, is often dissolved into liquid solutions to make it hard for detection during transportation, then it is made again into crystals for consumption.

In 2019, Australian boarder officials seized $1M worth of liquid meth inside snow globes.

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