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Suspect Behind The Syndicate Issuing Fake Firearms Licenses to Kenyans Arrested

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A man in his 40’s has been arrested for imitating a firearms Licensing Board officer issuing fake firearm certificates to the public seeking to own guns.

In a statement on Monday, the DCI said Dominic Ondari Ombogi was arrested at his home in Nguluni, Matungulu, Machakos County  over the weekend following a court order obtained from Kahawa Law Court after reports placed him at the center of a dreadful syndicate that issues fake firearm certificates to members of the public.

The DCI said the suspect was found in possession of assorted fake FBI  documents and stamps at his home in Matungulu.

According to  the head of the raid Mohammed Amin -led directorate, said  Ondari has been battling accusations of stealing a  firearm and making a document without authority at Nairobi Court and has been out on Ksh.500,000bail.


The suspect is accused of deceiving Kajiado youth, into believing that they could transfer the certificate of his late father’s firearm into his name, before subjecting the unsuspecting victim to endless paperwork that lead the the theft of the firearm.

“Preliminary Investigations reveal that Ondari, who poses as a well connected resource person in the Board, has only operated in the underworld and never sat at the Firearms Licensing Board as he alleges,” DCI said.

However, during his arrest, assorted filled firearm application forms, psychiatrist reports from Mathari Referral Hospital bearing different names a seal from the Central Firearms Bureau, various FLB and Arm tech Kenya Ltd rubbers stamps, four civilian firearm certificates, forged letters allegedly from the Nairobi region police command and several bank statements were acquired.

Detectives established that, Ondari  targets defenseless victims who are in a hurry to be cleared for the gun ownership, recklessly provide the fake certificates to anyone as long as money was provided.

“So strategic is Ondari that he even renews the certificates periodically at a cost of Sh.6000,”DCI added.

The suspect is being held until March,10,2023, to allow officers to compete investigations into the fraud.

Police intend to charge Dominic with being in possession of implements of forgery and making documents without authority.

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