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‘Spotify Wrapped’ Most Streamed Artists Globally

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Spotify has released its annual Spotify wrapped, giving  listeners everywhere their insights into their music tastes.

Spotify not only gathers personalized statistics, it also gathers data of the top artists , songs, albums, podcasts from its listeners, ranking them from the most listened to, to the the best artist of the year.

On Wednesday, the streaming platform revealed that bad bunny was the most streamed global artist of the year.

The Puerto Rican, had more than 18.5 billion streams this year.

Taylor Swift was the second most streamed artist globally. She also took the first place spot in most viral artist globally.

Mean while, Drake took the third spot for the most streamed artist and first place in the U.S.

Even though the West African songs dominated and took the first 10 spots of the streaming platform.

Kenyans had their own top artists. The top artists who emerged from Kenya , through been streamed by them were;

Nigerian Singer Burna Boy, was the top listened artist, his club banger ‘Last Last‘ which was released in May, emerged the top most streamed track by Kenyans followed by Rema’s ‘Calm Down.’

Finesse by Pheelz emerged third, with Oxlades’s Kulosa in fourth place.

In the most streamed Kenyan songs , Lilmaina’s kishash emerged top, followed by Wakadinali and Sir Bwoy’s Geri Inengi. Nyashinski and Femi One and also Bien closed the top five.

Spotify has acknowledged , the large impact of social media that it has had in driving the success of these songs.

Online platforms like TikTok and Instagram, are now a key factor in the viral factor of a song due to their ability for the user to attach music to photos and video posts.

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