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Speaker Muturi defends Ruto in Early Campaign Claims

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Early Campaign has been a part of the political scene in Kenya. immediately after the general elections and the election appeals in the court of law, politicians immediately start planning for the next election.

This notion is especially true in the presidential seat which has in the past led to violence. In a presidential election in Kenya, Only the famous, popular and well financed candidates have a chance at the presidency.

In order to create a well fashioned and popular image, Candidates start early campaigns even though it is illegal. this has been the case for deputy president William Ruto who has been crisscrossing the country in a bid to popularise his UDA party and Hustler Narrative.

National assembly speaker Justin Muturi who has defended Ruto on claims of early campaign.muturi is also the Democratic Party PRESIDENTIAL PARTY LEADER.
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi during a past Event.

Most politicians are accusing the deputy president of engaging in an early campaign. The DP has however defended his stand indicating that he is usually performing his official duties and listening to the people.

In a recent Interview with a local  newspaper, National assembly speaker Justin Muturi has defended the Deputy President. To win the presidential election a lot of preparation is required hence Early campaign is the only way.

Muturi on defending the deputy president indicated that they started planning for the 2013 general elections in 2009. He urged leaders to stop speculating and instead take time to build their brands.

The national assembly speaker is also gunning for the top seat. Muturi is the presidential candidate for the democratic party.

It is still unclear whether, Muturi has changed his stand on the presidential elections  or not.

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