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Some Truth Revealed Behind The Shakahola Massacre “Some Followers Were Strangled To Death”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

It has now been revealed that Pastor Paul Mackenzie was conducting funereals for his deceased’s followers.

The shocking truth has been reveled by a former follower who says that more than 1500 people who flocked to Shakahola forest were not only duped to buy land but also brainwashed to fast to death to meet Jesus.

When did the cult begin, how long were they brainwashed, when did the killings begins?

A former follower who was in Shakahola revealed how it all began, “Personally, the pastor sold to me a piece of land…and there were others almost 90peaople, who also bought some pieces of land, others sold their wealth.”

Speaking to Citizen TV, he said that those who bought the land weren’t secretive to the fact that it was the beginning of the end for them. Pastor Mackenzie’s brainwashing was slow, methodical and deadly.

“Kuna watu kufunga ni hadi kufa…na pia hapo nyumbani nimeshuhudia watu wamekufa kutokana na imani… hawatumii madawa, wanashikilia imani,”he said.


The follower further reveled that Pastor Mackenzie was a sayer but not a doer of his own teachings, only fasting two days a week, convincing followers that he would be the last to die.

Mackenzie’s followers began fasting in January of this year, and with every week their bodies weakened.

The follower said By the month of March the deaths started, the number of dead bodies increased each day, children who refused to fast would be suffocated to death.

He added that Paul was present during the funerals, overseeing the digging of the graves, as they prepared to lay the dead to rest.

The search continues as countless families are in waiting to know if there loved on is still involved.

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