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‘Shattered dreams’ children forced to drop out of school

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In  the North part of Kenya counties such as Mandera, Wajir, Marsabit and Samburu more than 13,000 students are struggling to stay in school due to drought.

In January of this year , over 2000 learners have reportedly dropped out of school because of the prolonged and biting famine in the counties.

The Northern Eastern region of Kenya, has had the lowest school enrolment and retention rates and students who have completed high school, are having difficulty advancing to collage and university.

In Mandera county, form four students have their future on hold due to the severe drought that has affected the region for four years. Majority of the families are pastoralists and they have lost their live stocks due to the drought as many of them depended on them to support their families.

Some of the students who have completed their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)face a tough future as their parents have been forced into poverty by the ravaging drought.

In Bura Abor, approximately 50 form four leavers are idling at home. Girls are more affected as they will be forced to marry old men in their villages in order for the families to be able to clear the debts the students have in school.

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Schools have been closed since many of the children cannot be able to sustain their lives in school. They  have been forced to leave school and join their parents in search of food and water.

Many younger children have also been forced to move to other counties in search of water to help their families.

Responding to crisis

The UNICEF and partners are providing life-saving services to children and their families in dire need across the Horn of Africa. To provide longer term solutions they are working to improve access to climate-resilient, water sanitization and hygiene services. Drilling for reliable sources of groundwater and developing the use of solar systems.

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