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‘Self Proclaimed’ Pastor Charged With Sodomy In Thika

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A self proclaimed pastor was on Monday presented in Thika Law court for allegedly sodomizing a 21 year-old-man  on different dates between 2020 and 2021.

Simon Nderitu Mwangi, was charged with two sexual offence of rape, and sexually harassing the victim on the different dates at Ndarasha village in Juja.

Appearing before Magistrate Stella Atambo, the ‘pastor’ denied the first count but pleaded guilty to the second offence.

According to a medical report , the victim who  was then a high school learner was examined and found that he had injuries around his anus.

Nderitu told the court how he is addicted to homosexuality and that he is not attracted to the female gender.

“Why am I being crucified for my sexual preference?” he asked a rhetorical question to the magistrate before he unfolded how they regularly meet in groups.

He further told the court how homosexuals interact in different towns and on the internet. He said there are even high-school students in their meetings.

The court was also told that the accused, Nderitu introduced himself to the parents of the complainants as a pastor , but he was acting prey to the teenager.

The magistrate was also told that Nderitu used to buy gifts and offer money to the victim as a way of seduction.

The case will be heard again on 3rd April 2023 for sentencing.

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