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School in trouble for trying to bribe a parent ksh 50,000 after teacher broke students arm

Post by : Sue Njihia

St.Peters Catholic Primary School in Narok is in trouble  after making an effort to buy a parent’s silence ,after a teacher broke their childs arm.

Joyline Koikai a student at the school was being punished by the teacher alongside fellow students for failure of attaining a certain pass mark in their exams.

Joyline’s mother recounts how her daughter came home  complaining about being punished by a teacher but she ignored her ,as she well knew it was the teachers norm to instil discipline on students.

After a day Joyline’s complained of pains in the arm.Th pain became unbearable and she was rushed to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that her arm was broken.

When the mother complained to the school administration , she was offered a sum of ksh 50,000 and a full year scholarship for Joyline if only they could let the issue slide.She however reported the matter to the polic

“They convened a meeting between the instructor and myself. He offered us Ksh50,000 stating that if the matter escalated, he would not only lose his job but also his career. In addition, the school offered to waive Joyline’s school fees for one academic year so that the matter would be ‘forgotten’,” she said.

Joyline is yet to report back to school.



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