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saga involving IEBC and DCI;CEO and founder of seamless limited claims his life is in danger

Post by : Sue Njihia

A gripping saga involving IEBC and DCI following the arrest of three Venezuelans nationals at JKIA has really grabbed the attention of Kenyans.

In their possessions were stickers that were meant to be used in the coming general elections carried  in personal luggage without security or escort from any IEBC official.

DCI stated that the three Venezuelans,  Jose Gregorio Camargo Castellanos, Joel Gustavo Rodriguez and Salvador Javier Suarez were in the country following the invitation of one Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi who is the CEO and founder of an IT Tech, Seamless Limited.

According to Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi, when the whole drama unfolded, he fully cooperated with DCI but he has now been turned into who is believed to be possibly involved in a crime and now his life is in danger.

“Smartmatic had sub-contracted me  for the upcoming polls and while the saga ensued, I recorded statements with the DCI and gave all corresponding documents that pointed to the working relations between Smartmatic, IEBC, the Venezuelan nationals and Seamless Having cooperated with the DCI, I am surprised that DCI chose to share partial information with the public that has since turned me into a person of interest ,” Abdullahi told NTV.

Abdullahi has experience in handling election matters. He previously worked with Tospay limited. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in computer science from Periyar University in India

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