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Safaricom sued for 400,000 over Sim-card swap Fraud

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa during a past conference. the company has been sued for sim-card Swap fraud by one of their customers.

Safaricom is back on the spotlight after one of their customers sued the telecom company. Abdi Zeila is suing the company for 400,000 over a Sim-card swap fraud. The plaintiff indicates that a Sim-card Swap Fraud was conducted on his registered line without his consent. Mr Zeila is looking to be compensated over Ksh 400,000 by the communication giant. Safaricom had on its own admission said that it had fired over 20 employees in this financial year over fraud cases. This number is however low from the number they dismissed last year.

The sim swap is a common method that is used by Fraudsters to con unsuspecting Kenyans to the tune of millions. There has been speculation among Kenyans that this con artists are in cohorts with staff working at safaricom. However, this allegations cannot be substantiated. In order to protect their customers from such fraudulent means. The telco company has rolled out various anti-fraud measures.

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This measures have helped curb the practise but some loopholes still exist. Such loopholes is how Mr Abdi lost over 373,000 shillings. The money was in his NCBA bank account. According to Zeila the fraudsters didn’t stop there they went ahead and withdrew other amounts from M-Shwari and KCB Mpesa. Mr Abdi alleges that even after reporting the incident to Safaricom no action was taken.

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He further states that “Safaricom being the provider of roaming services at the time to my number was aware or ought to have been aware that I could not have been in a position to carry out a SIM-swap as I was out of jurisdiction,”


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