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Safaricom Employees arrested in Fraud related Charges.

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa during a past conference. the company has been sued for sim-card Swap fraud by one of their customers.

Two senior employees at Safaricom have been arrested by sleuths from the DCI in relation to fraud related Charges. The employees are believed to have sold clients data worth millions of shillings to Award winning sports betting firms.

The information the two were selling included the trends on how Safaricom customers gamble. That kind of information can prove to be very useful in the right hands. the betting companies can be able to predict when a customer is more likely to place a bet.

With that kind of information the company can be able to bombard the potential customer with promotion messages. this promotional messages aim to make the potential customer bet more.

The telecommunications company reported the bleach to the DCI after receiving numerous complains from its customers. after the statements were filed the, the DCI were engaged and started their investigations. the sleuths were able to numb the two who are Mr Kinuthia and Mr Njoroge. the two are believed to have violated statutory and contractual obligations.

Headquaters of safaricom and Mpesa africa and Fuliza a services that offers overdraft facilities to Kenyans. Kenyans will now be able to buy aitme using the facility something that was impossible in the past.

This arrest comes at a time when the Data protection commissioner had just launched the strategic plan for the next five years. The office of Data protection was launched in 2020 but the vacancy for the commissioner filled almost a year later.The office has so far received over 400 complains raging from different sections of the economy.

Relief as Safaricom subscribers are to buy Airtime via Fuliza

Kenyans are becoming very aware and concerned about their privacy especially online data. this means that the ODPC has a long way to go in ensuring that Kenyans feel safe while they surf the net.

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