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Ruto ‘Uhuru leave me alone’

Post by : Sue Njihia

Deputy President Wiliam Ruto claims that chiefs and other public servants are being threatened in secret meetings.The presidential hopeful calls for respect from President Uhuru.

“Mr. President, why are chiefs and other public servants being forced and threatened, in secret meetings, to undermine, manipulate and sabotage peaceful elections? What will it benefit you to foment conflict amongst innocent Kenyans? Boss, let’s not take the country this direction,” Ruto said through a tweet.

He also pleads with the Uhuru to stop mentioning him on events and focus on campaigning for Raila odinga. He also requested to reveal what ODM has installed for kenyans ,stating Raila as Uhuru’s project.

“Leave me alone. I supported you when you needed a man to support you. If you don’t want to support me, leave me alone. With a lot of respect my friend Mr. President be a descent human being. Being thankful stop pretending yet we are the ones who helped you. Now you are threatening me, as long as you don’t kill my children, let us respect each other,” Ruto said.





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