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Ruto To Raila ” Stop Your Arrogance, Come Face Me”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The head of state William Ruto, has told Azimio Leader Raila to face his and stop disturbing innocent Kenyans.

Speaking on Friday, the President said that he was the one he was competing against and not ordinary Kenyans.

The President said that if he at all has a problem, he should take it up directly with him.

“Tuheshimiane, stop the arrogance. I am the one you ran against, if you have an issue come face me, stop disturbing ordinary people,”Ruto said.

Ruto also called on the opposition leader tp give him time to work for the people as he promised during campaigns.

‘that guy should let me work for Kenyans. I want to make plans for roads, housing and food production, He should stop disturbing me with protests.’

On Monday, Raila led his supporters in a demonstration on Monday to fight for the high cost of living.

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