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Post by : Robert Kamau

Deputy President William Ruto at his karen home where he was addressing spiritual leaders from tharaka nithi. he also declared that he will not be joining any political coalition

The Jubilee party has declared that it is going to ouster the deputy president from its party membership and roster.

The party’s parliamentary caucus has pulled the plunge in what can be described as a clean up. the party is gearing towards implementing a merger with Orange Democratic Movement which is headed by the former prime minister Raila Odinga.

General elections

During the 2017 general elections the jubilee party won the government and majority in parliament, the senate , County assemblies and even the governors position.

However the party has been divided since the infamous handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his political nemesis Raila Odinga. This move so all leaders allied to the Deputy President who is the party’s deputy party leader form a rival faction that opposed the handshake.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi who is being ousted from the Jubilee party. he is among a leaders who will be removed from the party's membership.

The leaders supporting the Deputy President commonly referred to as tanga tanga with the ones supporting the handshake and the president known as kieleweke.


The tanga tanga faction is the one side that is being targeted by the Jubilee party senior management since they are believed to have ditched the party in favour of the United Democratic Movement (UDA).

Some of the leaders allied to the Deputy President dared the Jubilee party Secretary General to expel the President first because he decamped to ODM.

The deputy president has in turn said that being expelled from jubilee doesn’t scare him since Jubilee is now a dead party. With the Jubilee party losing most of the by-election in its strongholds it seems that the DP’s statements hold value.

Deputy President William Ruto is being targeted in the recent ouster from Jubilee as it's Deputy Party leader

With the remaining senior management of the jubilee party declaring that any person who has gone against the party will be ousted, it seems even National Assembly Speaker Muturi will not be spared.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi  has declared that he will run for president on a Democratic Party ticket. This  has rubbed of the wrong way with this senior managers of the party.

Muturi gained the speaker’s seat after being supported by the jubilee party ,who hold a majority of the parliamentary seats in the house. Muturi was promoted to that position by the  party.

It is unclear whether the ouster of this members from the party will help the party improve it’s image or not but some political commentators believe that it is already too late for the party.







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