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Rogue touts push passenger from a moving bus

Post by : Sue Njihia

Unidentified Sacco heightened uproar among Kenyans after the tout pushed a passenger from a moving matatu. The tout was speculated to have disagreed with the passenger over fare, which prompted him to ruthlessly push him off the moving bus and into a ditch.

According to the video circulating on social media the man was forced to alight at an authorised point.The passenger is seen getting off the ditch and dusting himself.When he tried to confront the touts ,he was pushed one more time and the bus sped away.

“If you (NTSA) will not take action on these people, then you don’t need to be talking about road safety in this country,” the road safety advocates stated.

The tout and the driver are yet to be tracked down ,as they went to hiding after word reached them that the police had issued a warrant of arrest against them.

Two years ago a Githurai matatu crew was arraigned in court after pushing a passenger out of  a moving bus , which led to his death.The driver Naftally Kalama Fondo, 33, and his conductor, Alex Macau Gikonyo, 20, appeared before Chief Magistrate Hestone Nyaga .

The driver  did not deny the claims as she narrated how she heard screams from the back of the bus only to realise he had run over someone.The conductor however fled the scene immediately the incident occurred.

A detective attached to Kasarani police division stated that Mr.Kimondo died immediately after being pushed off the bus ,as he was crushed by the rear wheel of the bus. the bus  was headed to the Nairobi central business district from Githurai.

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