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Rise and fall of Gakuyo in business, politics and religious Leadership

Post by : Ann Njambuya

David Ngari gakuyo. former chairman Ekeza sacco and a former gubernatorial aspirant for Kiambu County.

David Ngari alias Gakuyo is a well known public figure not only in kiambu county but also in the larger mount Kenya region. Gakuyo started out as a pastor in his church Calvary Chosen Centre which is based in Thika Town kiambu County.

Bishop Gakuyo later went on to the world of business where he founded the infamous Gakuyo Real estate Company and Ekeza Sacco. the Companies have been accused of swindling thousands of Kenyans their hard earned money that amounted into billions of shillings.

Gakuyo was mentioned to be in the middle of the scandal which saw the down fall of both the Gakuyo Real estate Company and Ekeza Sacco. Through public outcry, Ngari was forced to commit himself in returning all the monies that were lost by Ekeza Sacco.

It is at the height of success of his companies that the renowned bishop gained popularity in the political scene and he declared his political interest to vie for Kiambu Gubernatorial seat in 2017.

United for Kiambu Team

He later shelved this dreams in favour of Ferdinand Waititu who was among the original members of United For Kiambu team that was formed in a bid to neutralise William Kabogo who was the Governor at the time.

The arrangement between the members of United for Kiambu was once they win the gubernatorial race they would be rewarded with plum positions in the county Government. However Governor Ferdinand Waititu reneged on this promise once he took office and alienated all members of the team in favour of his close friends.

United for Kiambu Team role in Waititu’s troubles

Immediately after Waititu’s impeachment and Nyoro’s Swearing in, Gakuyo was appointed to be a special adviser to the governor a position that put him at the top of County Government Leadership.

David Ngari gakuyo. former chairman Ekeza sacco and a former gubernatorial aspirant for Kiambu County.
Photo// Bishop David Ngari Gakuyo of Calvary Chosen Centre, during a past event.

The outspoken Man of God has now declared his interest to vie for the member of parliament for Thika town a seat that is currently being held by Hon Patrick Wainaina “wa jungle”. His campaigns have however been marred by controversy as he continuously attacks his arch rival Former Thika Town Mp Alice Ng’ang’a.




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