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Return of Samidoh Karen Nyamu Love drama affair?

Post by : Leah Achieng

Days after announcing her breakup with her baby daddy Samidoh, Karen Nyamu has now turned to motivation as a coping mechanism to deal with the heartbreak.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has revived her drama with her baby daddy musician Samidoh Muchoki online. This started after she responded to a tagged post by Murang’a woman representative Betty Maina which read that all the years they lost to locusts were about to be restored to them.

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“Karen Nyamu, Youth President, and all my other girlfriends. Miaka yetu iliyoliwa na nzige, inarudishwa kwa jina la Yesu. Amen.”Karen Nyamu responded to the post with this,”  “Amen Kairitu! mimi hako ka mbabas kangu nikikapata itabidi muniblock hio siku sababu ya couple goals tu hahaha.”

Fans so this as the senator’s way of hitting at Samidoh. Some of her fans have observed that the senator has not yet moved on from Samidoh, as she keeps making statements that many can easily see are directed toward the Mugithi legend.

The Dubai Break Up

Karen recently became single after breaking up with her baby Daddy Samidoh Muchoki in a dramatic fashion back in Dubai over the Christmas holiday.
So this is what happened, the nominated senator embarrassed herself in Dubai when she stormed Samidoh’s concert where his wife Edday was also in attendance. Her drunken outburst was captured on camera as Edday slapped her and bouncers dragged her away.

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Soon after Samidoh chose his wife Edday over Karen, Karen called off the affair officially. And now, she is getting reflective on her future life without Samidoh- and it’s kinda pitiful. In a note to self-written on her Instagram, Karen had this to say: “Think about the future version of YOU and do it for HER.”

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She went further to say that she has no regrets about that night only that it had painted her in a bad way given that she is a senator and represents the people. She acknowledged that her responsibility to her people and her leadership is more important than her drama life.

“I have made a conscious decision to end my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex Samidoh MUchoki, I know I could have ended it quietly but I decided to make this public as the drama and controversy have been.

I’m a good person, I’m not the woman the bouncers were ordered to throw out of stage last night, I’m not the woman who has been busy proving points just to show that I’m not crazy and I’m actually with this person.” She wrote.

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