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Reasons why Unga prices are yet to be reduced

Post by : Sue Njihia

It has been  2 weeks now since president Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the price of maize flour to be reduced to  Kshs100 for a 2kg packet.Maize flour prices had risen  to as high as Kshs250 for a 2kg packet hence making lives harder for common citizens.

President Uhuru announced the suspension of all levies on imported maize.Most Kenyans are however yet to access the cheap packets of the flour as some are still buying it at over ksh 200

According to the Acting Agriculture PS Francis Owino, reasons that have led to the shortage of cheap flour include delayed payments of suppliers.

“Our millers are not able to supply flour to the supermarkets because of the 45 days contractual arrangement. Our plea is for the two parties to reflect and consider that contractual agreement to align with the commitments of the government, or even to bring it lower from 45 days to three or five days,” Owino said.

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Owino however said that the government would be paying millers for the commodities supplied within 24 hours. Kshs8 billion has been set aside to protect Kenyans from high prices of maize flour.

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