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Reasons why are a Proud man; Willy Paul sets the record straight

Post by : Leah Achieng

Kenyan artist and entrepreneur Willy Paul. Pozee has spoken on allegations that he is a proud Man. He claims that he is not ashamed.

Talented Gospel cum Secular musician Willy Paul has set the record straight on why his is a proud man. The musician has been accused by his fans of being very proud of himself. According to Willy Paul he is not ashamed of being proud. Willy has decided to change the meaning of kiburi. The musician has since joined the beloved entrepreneurship club. 

Taking to his Instagram channel the “Kamati ya Roho Chafu” hitmaker said that he understands people have been complaining about how proud and self-absorbed he is, however, he is not bothered.

“Ati nikona kiburi? Waah sio poa but si kila mmoja na maisha yake ? (You’re all saying I am proud? Well that might not be good but isn’t everyone supposed to live their lives as they please?),” Pozze remarked.

He went on to add that he does not care what people say as no one fends for him nor provides him with anything.Highlighting that he has an amazing wealthy life so his pride is justified.

“Si hakuna mtu ananilisha? Alafu si nikona chapa na life fiti alafu mimi ni sexy Luo! (There is no one feeding me right? And to top it off I have lots of cash, I lead a good life and I’m a good-looking Luo man)” Bragged Willy Paul.

Talented Musician

He went on to take shots at fellow artists by claiming that no one was anywhere near his level thus another reason for him to be as proud as he is“Plus I’m the most talented musician hapa Kenya…. Baaass!” Finished off Pozze.

Just two weeks ago showed off his rides in what seemed like a counter-response to his critics days after unveiling a new Mercedes Benz – yellow in colour.

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The calculated counter response read:

“They said I painted my old car Yellow… hapana here are my babies just chilling. Good life, life bila stress life bila scandals life tu ya kisani… let’s all learn to celebrate one another coz life ni short na haitaki hasira so just enjoy it!!”

In the video the ‘Sitolia’ singer shows off two of his Mercedes Benz rides one white and the other yellow.The yellow Mercedes has a double Sunroof.

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Pozze also showed off his recently acquired matatu, which he had customised with his face with several notable modifications.

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