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Raila’s Message To Ruto; “You Don’t Know Us, Just Ask Moi”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Azimio Leader, Raila Odinga in his second public rally in the year , to mobilize supporters to Oppose the Presidents Leadership, he warned the head of state against belittling him.

Raila, who lost to Ruto in the contested presidential race in August 2022, gave an address at the Jacaranda Gardens in Nairobi, where he told the president to look at Kenya’s historical succession, especially his role as an opposition leader.

The Azimio Leader, particularly highlighted his influence in Kenya’s second president the Late Daniel Moi’s Nyanyo regime and urged Ruto and his deputy not to take him lightly.

Photo// Azimio’s rallies. Photo Courtesy

“Ruto and Gachagua have been threatening me, saying all manner of things about my protests. I want to tell Ruto, you don’t know about us. Go ask Mr. Nyanyo . The power of the people is the voice of God.” Raila said.

At the rally, the Azimio leader pushes for implementations of the conditions he gave the Kenya Kwanza administration during his last Weeks’s rally, among which is the demand that President Ruto and all leaders in government resign.

Raila Odinga
Photo// Raila Odinga’s rallies. Photo Courtesy

Odinga, who insists that the 2022 polls were rigged in favor of Ruto, repeated his demand that the entire IEBC infrastructure be subjected to an audit.

“It is not for personal gains but for the people of Kenya. Kenya must be able to go to an election , vote and the ballot announced as it was cast, “he said.

Raila also announced that he will be taking his rallies to the counties in the coming days saying,” we want Kenyans to stand firm. We will go to every corner of this country; Machakos, Nakuru. Kakamega, Kisii, Kisumu and then come back to Nairobi,” Odinga told his supporters.

The president and his deputy have in recent days publicly dismissed criticism from the Azimio leader as a strategic ploy to land him in a political truce with the Kenya Kwanza administration, similar to his “handshake” with the Former President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9, 2018.

However, Odinga’s team denied such claims. They say they want implementation of the nine point Agenda their leader gave last week.

“I want people to understand that Baba does not want a handshake , he has no need of a handshake with useless people who do not have a plan. They are plan-less and without any sense of direction.” Jeremiah Kioni said on the rally.

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