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Raila’s Message To Ruto “Open Servers, What’s The Fear?”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Raila Odinga, Azimio Party Leader has reveled that the Kenya Kwanza government is scared of opening election servers because they rigged the August 2022 presidential poll.

Speaking n Friday, Raila insisted that the ‘whistle blower’ who he says is an IEBC insider clearly shows how it happened.

Raila further accused the President’s administration of conspiring with the IEBC and the judiciary, to aid the rigging.

“My people , they stole the election , the whistleblower clearly shows it. Otherwise they’d open the server, what’s the fear? They then corrupted the Supreme Court like they did with the IEBC,” he said.

He also said that the Kenya Kwanza Government has refused to subsidize the cost living , and it has to stop.

“Now they are stealing from Kenyans , refusing to subsidize the cost of living yet stealing from public coffers. At this instant, they are shooting and killing Kenyans. It has to stop on Monday. Their time is up. Let them count down the hours till Monday.”


During the Thursday protest, Rail said Monday protests will be the Mother of all.

Raila said that he did not lose last year’s elections , but was rigged out.

He challenged the results at the Supreme Court, which upholds Ruto’s victory.

The opposition leader, resulted to anti government rallies, which resulted to demonstrations.

The protests have resulted in cat and mouse chase between the police and Raila’s supporters.

Raila demands lowering the cost of living and prices of food, fuel.

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