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Raila’s Company ‘East Africa Spectre’ Under Attack

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A video released by East African Spectre , showed a group of men gathered at the firm’s main entrance and posed as bystanders.

When the traffic reduced, they began collecting stones in the area and threw them at the main entrance.

The group not only targeted the windows of the security guards but also the main building in the facility.

For over a minute, they continued throwing the stones in broad daylight. Motorists and pedestrians using the route avoided any confrontation with the group.


The group did not gain access to the facility, they left the scene on foot while two of them used a getaway motorcycle.


More footage released showed several cars parked in the compound damaged, a number of windows on the main block were also shattered.

This is the second scene to happened today as unknown number of individuals invaded Northlands, a land owned by the Kenyatta family along the Eastern Bypass.

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