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Raila To Ruto: Stop Looking For Tax Cheats Elsewhere yet They’re In Your Government

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Azimio Party Leader, Raila Odinga blasted President William Ruto over his crackdown on tax evaders.

The President, who said that the tax evasion debate is not political, he recently accused powerful figures in previous government of excluding themselves from paying taxes.

Ruto’s method has been perceived as vengeance on his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta who together with Kenya’s second President, the late Daniel Moi is exempted from paying tax under the Estate Duty Act.

According to the Azimio leader, Ruto should first draw out tax evaders and “criminals’ who he says have populated the government.

Photo// Raila Odinga’s rallies. Photo Courtesy

“Tax cheats and all sorts of criminals  are with Ruto in his government but he is pretending to be looking for criminals outside his government,” Raila Told his supporters at Kamukunji Grounds.

In a speech titled “The Kibra declaration’, Raila blamed the president of double standards in the fight against tax evasion and corruption, citing the recent multi-billion shilling corruption charges involving the president’s allies dropped.

Raila’s Message

Last week, The ACK returned back Ksh.202 million belonging to the Deputy President claiming that after gathering new evidence they found out the money was not proceeds of crime and that Rigathi has explained the source of the money.

“We have a situation where if a poor man steals, he goes to jail but if a rich man steals , he becomes a minister or a CEO,” said Odinga

Photo// President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Photo Courtesy

‘The law exempting presidents from tax was passed by parliament in 1982, but it appears Ruto and Gachagua do not know that,” he added.

The Azimio leader told the president and his deputy to leave tax matters to  the KRA  and stop speaking ill of former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, describing her as dignified figure.

‘”Ruto’s administration, which he campaigned for on the assumption of fighting for ordinary Kenyans “Hustlers’, has instead turned out to be a billionaire’s government that has no room for the poor,” Odinga Said.

Raila termed Ruto’s intensive tax collection campaign as “pick-pocketing the poor to feed the rich friends.”

Raila’s Allegations

Nonetheless, Raila repeated his claim that Ruto’s win on the August election was not genuine and rallied his supporters to oppose Ruto’s government.

‘We still maintain that Ruto got into sate house by hijacking and subverting the will of the people. He must get out!” Raila said.

Th party leader has also said that Ruto has gone ahead to govern with what he calls contempt for Kenyans and institutions.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta
Photo//Former first lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta

Mama Ngina Kenyatta, On Saturday finally broke her silence on the tax evasion allegations she and her family are accused of, dismissing them as pointless politicization of tax matters.

The 89-year old , accused politicians of telling lies so that they can be seen to be working.

The former first lady dared the government to auction her property and belongings in order to settle any debt if it is indeed true that she has not been paying taxes.

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