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“Quintuplets” Mother gives birth to 5 babies 1boy, 4 girls.

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Nakuru , a mother has given birth to 5 children at Nakuru Level 5, hospital on Tuesday Evening.

According to the hospital’s medical superintendent  Dr. Aisha Maina, the mother and the Quintuplets are currently at the facility.

The 25 year-old lady was rushed to the theater on Tuesday after doctors discovered she was expecting 5 babies.

Dr. Aisha says the 5, a boy and 4 girls are accommodated at the Newborn Unit in the hospital.

Simon Ndungu Kinyanjui, father of the 5 newborns is appealing for help to take care of his children.

Photo// Father of the 5 Newborn babies appeals for help. Photo Courtesy


Speaking on K24, Kinyanjui revealed that he needed help to raise the children because the couple is not in a position to do it alone.

He reveled that they have an older child a girl . The couple now has six children together even though the wife has only given birth twice.

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