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“Quintuplets” Mother gives birth to 5 babies 1boy, 4 girls.

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Nakuru , a mother has given birth to 5 children at Nakuru Level 5, hospital on Tuesday Evening.

According to the hospital’s medical superintendent¬† Dr. Aisha Maina, the mother and the Quintuplets are currently at the facility.

The 25 year-old lady was rushed to the theater on Tuesday after doctors discovered she was expecting 5 babies.

Dr. Aisha says the 5, a boy and 4 girls are accommodated at the Newborn Unit in the hospital.

Simon Ndungu Kinyanjui, father of the 5 newborns is appealing for help to take care of his children.

Photo// Father of the 5 Newborn babies appeals for help. Photo Courtesy


Speaking on K24, Kinyanjui revealed that he needed help to raise the children because the couple is not in a position to do it alone.

He reveled that they have an older child a girl . The couple now has six children together even though the wife has only given birth twice.

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