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President Ruto Says “No Handshake Is Likely To Happen”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President Ruto has denied the possibility of having a handshake with Azimio Party Leader Raila Odinga regardless of a call for truce to calm the country .

Speaking on Tuesday, as he honored the invitation of the 9th session of the joint Permanent Commission for Cooperatives in Kigali ,Rwanda, the president discarded the handshake that took place between former President Uhuru and Raila.

“The history we have of handshake is where there was a fusion of government and the opposition and the results were very disastrous for Kenya. There wasn’t any accountability, the whole system went rogue,” said Ruto.

After two weeks of demonstrations in the country, Raila called off his demonstrations on Sunday, April2nd to come to a agreement with the president.

This is after, the president called the opposition to meet in order to resolve issues upsetting the peace of the country.

Both Parties agreed to meet to adopt a parliamentary bipartisan to talk out the grievances that had been raised by the opposition team.

However, the president has rejected the peacemaking agreement with the opposition leader through a a handshake he claims he would allow the opposition into the government.

“The handshake that brings the opposition and government into some conundrum , a mongrel and an outfit that is undemocratic, unconstitutional and illegal,” he said.

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