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“President Ruto Must Go!’ Azimio Leader Says As He Declares Start Of Mass Action

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The declared mass action begins, as Azimio Party Leader Raila Odinga officially launches it against the Kenya Kwanza government.

Speaking on Thursday after the lapse of the 14 day ultimatum given to the president administration to lower the cost of living, Odinga said the current administration has failed to live up to its promises and that Kenyans should unite and resist it.

‘Ruto Must Go!” filled the air , as Raila  came out to direct his supporters to join in the movement which he says would change the country.

“We begin telling Ruto and Gachagua that we understand that a caring government cannot emerge from an illegitimate regime like Kenya Kwanza. Begin telling them that we have no more patience with an illegitimate  regime that is too mean spirited and to incompetent to deploy resources to our war of poverty and suffering of our people,’ he said.

Photo// Raila Odinga holds peaceful demonstrations. Photo Courtesy

‘We have no more patience .. we begin telling them that we can’t keep living on false promises and that when we keep taking painkillers long enough , you will  cease killing the pain…”

The leader invited citizens for a nationwide rally on Monday 20,2023, where he would lead resistance procession against the current government

According to Raila, the mass action is a peaceful defiance’ against the current administration whose goal is to streamline service delivery in all sections of the government and protect  the interests of ordinary citizens.

“We launch a campaign of defiance, of peaceful picketing, protests, boycotts, strikes, disobedience, peaceful petitions, peaceful sittings and peaceful demonstrations which start today and now,’ he stated.

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