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Pope Francis ‘Hints’ To review Catholic Church Vow’s Of Celibacy For Priests

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Catholic Church is open to reviewing its thousand year old rule on celibacy, Pope Francis suggested.

He said the ban was only ‘temporarily’ and there was also’ no contradiction’ for a priest to marry.

In the Catholic Church, celibacy was made a requirement in the 11 century for financial reasons, as clergy without children were more likely to leave their wealth to church.

The Vatican enforces the rule among priests, bur there suggestions  to end the the ban.

The suggestion comes after, Germany Catholic Church voted for a resolution requesting that the Pope end the obligation for priests to be celibate.

In an interview with the Argentine publication Infobae, Pope Francis said,” there is no contradiction for a priest to marry, Celibacy’s in the western Church is a temporary prescription.”

“It is not eternal like priestly ordination, which is forever whether you like it or not , On the other hand, celibacy is a discipline.”

The pope cited the example of the Eastern Church-a branch of Catholicism which allows more liberty, and said,” Everyone in the eastern church is married ,or those who want to, before ordination there is the choice to marry or to be celibate.’

While the pope was in his position in 2019, he suggested celibacy was a ‘gift’ in the church and did not agree with ‘allowing optional celibacy.’

In the interview, which celebrates the tenth anniversary of his election as pope, he also spoke about rising divorce rates and suggested young people were some times getting married too early.

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