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Police Officer’s Arrested For Shooting And Theft In Machakos

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Machakos county, students at Machakos University are on high alert, after the increase of crimes and theft in the school area.

It led to demonstrations in the town, with students pleading for their safety while in school.

While in the midst of the demonstrations a student was shot.

A police officer was arrested in connection with the shooting of a student during a demonstration on Monday.

Police Corporal, Michael Mulwa, who is in custody at Machakos police station, is accused of shooting Brilliant Anusu , a student who together with his colleagues had staged a demonstration due to the escalating level of insecurity in the area.

Photo// Police Officers Arrested for shooting and theft. Photo Courtesy.

The police say, the student was part of a group of students that had engaged police officers in running battles.

The student is currently fighting for his life at the Machakos level 5 hospital, after sustaining serious injuries.

Police say that a total of 9 firearms, including 5 pistols, 3G-3 riffles and one AK-47 assault rifles have been seized from different police officers and they will be subjected to forensic analysis at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, to identify which firearms were misused when quelling the students.

Police Arrested

The arrest comes after  two police officers in Machakos were arrested after they allegedly attacked a university student, robbing him of his mobile phone and other valuables.

Photo// Police Arrest For theft and shooting. Photo Courtesy.

Kevin Sila and David Muringu are reported to have stopped two university students. as they were headed to their quarters in the early hours of Monday.

According to DCI, the officers were on a motorbike they descended on one of the students with resounding slaps as they ransacked his pockets

“His roommate however managed to escape the attack and took flight screaming , attracting neighbors who also happened to be students at the university,” DCI statement read.

Students within the premises responded to the distressing call and rescued the student.

The cops attempted to flee but it was futile , they handed back the stolen phone. As officers from Machakos Police Station had already arrived.

The two are under police custody awaiting arraignment.

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