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Police Investigate School After Bursar Loses Ksh1.25M

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) located in Nandi East has begun its investigation into the incidents  in which Chebisas Girls Secondary School’s bursar has reported to have been robbed Ksh1.25M in his vehicle parked at Nandi Hills town in Nandi County.

The bursar Nahashon Lagat said that he had parked his vehicle in the town and went to buy an item in a nearby shop, upon returning, he found his car has been broken into and the money stolen.

Some of the residents revealed that they saw a suspicious Toyota Probox Vehicle next to the bursars parked car which appeared to have been following him, but they paid no mind to it as it was raining.

The Nandi East DCIO Rahanad Wasilwa visited the scene after the bursar reported the incident.

“We have started investigations into the matter and we are analyzing every piece of data including CCTV footage to get us leads. It is true Ksh1.25 M which was kept inside the said vehicle were taken by unknown people.” he said.


The secondary school teachers had planned to go to a Mombasa County tour on Sunday, April 23 after each had contributed Ksh.30,00 each for the trip.

The bursar had gone to Kapsabet town to withdraw the money.

He withdrew Ksh.400,00 from National bank and Ksh600,000 from KCB bank.

He then went to Nandi Hills town to withdraw another Ksh.250,000 from Acces Bank.

“Tomorrow , we will proceed to Kapsabet where Ksh.1m was withdrawn to analyze data from mobile phones of the tellers who served the victim and any other communication which might have arisen before during and after the withdrawals.

No one has been arrested, but the teachers still hope that the Mombasa tour will happen despite the money been stolen.

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