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Outbreak Of Cholera

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Wednesday, The ministry of health issued a cholera alert after 61 cases were reported across six counties.

According to Dr. Patric Amoth acting General Director for Health , the outbreak whose origin can be traced to a wedding festival in Kiambu county was spread across;

  1. Kiambu with 31 cases,
  2. Nairobi 17,
  3. Muranga 1,
  4. Kajiado 2,
  5. Nakuru 2
  6. Uasin Gishu 8

He also added of the sixty one cases reported , thirteen people are currently hospitalized while 8 have been discharged with forty treated as outpatients.

In addition to that, Dr. Patric Amoth said the national public health microbiology laboratory has isolated patient -01-ogawa responsible for the spread.

The director has issued that all county and sub county health management to be on high alert of patients presenting watery diarrhea within the communities and villages.

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Causes, Spread and Prevention of Cholera

Cholera is an infection caused by a bacteria ‘vibrio cholerae‘. The bacteria that causes is usually passed out of the body of an infected person via feces.

The bacteria then contaminates a common source of drinking water and it becomes wide spread among the population. Outbreaks of cholera may occur after natural disasters have occurred and also lack of proper sanitation.

How can we prevent the spread of cholera;

Good hygiene and access to clean drinking water ,having adequate sanitation facilities. Washing hands before and after eating and also after using the toilet.

In addition to that, avoid eating open foods such a ice creams , fruit juices that are offered by street vendors and also, avoid eating raw foods and unwashed vegetables.

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