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Our Jolly African World Cup Home Kits 2022

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Africa is a continent which is not highly known for its sportmanship, well that is going to change in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

With less than a week to the world cup, Africa’s teams have very jolly like kits which will represent how africa is in the World Cup.

African Champions Senegal, will be joined by Cameroon, Ghana, Morroco and Tunisia at this years world cup , which will be held in Qatar have amazing kits.

Photo// Senegal’s Home kit.

The African Cup of Nations champions have a shirt inspired by the White Jersey won 20 years ago in the Reigning Africa Cup of Nations Champions World Cup debut in 2002.  In addition to that, the iconic jersey, is white detailed by green, yellow and red the senegals flag with a striking chest chevron and at its collar and sleeve cuffs. Futhermore the team’s nick name is “Lions Of Teranga’ is printed on the signoff area.

Photo// Ghana Home Kit.

The Ghana home kit is back to its plain white. This is a far cry from their last world cup kit which feautured bold geometric patterns .  Firstly,this year’s kit is white with a green, yellow and red stripes at the sleeves , and the traditional black star at the centre of the chest (black star) their nickname. The puma logo has the type of face included under the cat this time round. Lastly, the collar has a yellow flourish.

Photo// Cameroon Home Kit

Cameroons world cup kits will be made by One All Sports a company that mainly focuses on motorsports. Adittionaly, the kit is green , with a darker green pattern on the chest. It also features a stand-up collarwhich is red and the sleeves have green , red, yellow stripes wit a star in middle of the red stripe representing their flag. Futhermore,the teams nickname is’ Indomitable Lions’. One All Sports logo sits between the dark green pattern.

Photo// Morocco’s home kit

Morroco’s world cup kit is a retro -throwback for the 1990,s depicting the Atlas Lions. The moroccan red and green colours have been used to create a simple and stylish design, with the jersey primarily red with a single green horizontal stripe across the upper chest which is divided by the puma logo.  Lastly, the morrocon badge is placed on the left chest with a green v-neck collar.

Photo// Tunisia’s home kit

The Kappa Tunisian jersey is red and features a subtle graphic print. Additionaly, the print is based on the “armor of hannibal,” a cuirass found in Tunisia in 1909 attributed to the legendary Carthaginian General Hannibal. It has a rounded neck with the tunisian flag at the back and white sleeves.





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