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One gun that has been linked to the robbery of over 30 M-Pesa shops

Post by : Sue Njihia

Many crimes have been recorded of late and the most common of all is the spiking of drinks , commonly known as ‘ mchele’. Who would have known that one normal night would be a beginning of dark days for many.


One firearm, 28 robberies: DCI reveals how a police gun has caused terror in Nairobi for 3 years


About three years ago a police officer was having a drink at his usual nightclub. Later the next morning he was found lying unconsciously in Mtama Road ,Parklands. Grateful to his friends who found him and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

According to The Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) the police officer was a victim of the “mchele” syndicate.They druged him and took his belongings including his firearm, a Jericho Pistol Serial Number KE KP44330654.

The gun was later on hired to gangs in Kayole and forensics linked the gun to criminal activities in Kayole , Kamkunji ,Buruburu ,Ruai, Kikuyu and Karatina. This activity has caused loss of lives and permanent unforgettable  scars on victims of such outfits.


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