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ODM Strongholds considered Battle Grounds as Orengo &Oburu Apologise

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Political Pundits in the country are still baffled on a recent political dilemma as Siaya Senator James Orengo and Oburu Odinga apologised. Both the senior Siaya politicians were addressing a cloud in Gem constituency when the apologised for the shambolic nominations that were conducted by the ODM party.

Oburu Odinga is the EALA member of Parliament and elder brother to the ODM party Party Leader. This apology was described as a last moment plea with the electorate to forgive the contenders for their party’s actions.

Rocky Nominations

ODM has had a rocky past when it comes to nominations. However during this year’s party primaries the party decide to issue direct tickets to most of its politicians. This move locked out senior political leaders who were seen as not loyalist to the party leader. This move seems to have undermined the party’s popularity on its own backyard.

Latest Mizani Polls showing that Siaya Senator James Orengo Is trailing behind in the polls. Orengo is flying the ODM party Flag in the race.

Orengo, who is gunning for the Siaya Governor’s seat, is facing strong opposition from Former rarienda member of parliament Nicholas Gumbo. Gumbo is currently vying on a United Democratic Movement (UDM) Party Ticket. The former MP was assured of a fair nomination but later feared of being left out and instead opted for a  different party.

Former Rarieda MP and Siaya Gubernatorial Hopeful Nicholas Gumbo. He is competing with Senior Counsel James Orengo.

ODM party Leader Raila Odinga has been in the region previous and campaigned for voting for a six pattern vote. During his last visit Odinga endorsed Orengo’s candidacy. However this endorsement seemed not to sway the masses who are increasingly turning to gumbo.

According to sources close to the party who spoke to  exclusively, indicate that Orengo might lose. The senior Counsel is considered a long time friend of the party leader and a close confidant and adviser.

Loss for ODM as Gumbo and Owino defect to UDM

In the event that Gumbo clinches the seat, this will come as a shock to many. Siaya is the home county of the party Leader and i therefore expected to vote with the six pattern.

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