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No where to run as Karua calls for Haji to resign

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has called for the resignation of Noordin Haji. This comes after revelations that Haji was forced to prosecute cases that were politically incorrect.

Azimio one Kenya Alliance deputy party leader Martha Karua has called for Haji to resign. The director of Public Prosecutions has come under increased scrutiny after a shocking interview with a local media station early in the week.

Haji revealed why he has been dropping some of the high profile cases that his office were prosecuting. While defending the withdrawal , the DPP indicated that some cases lacked the merit for conviction.

Also, He indicated that he has since revisited some of this cases and found out that the documents were forged. He laid the blame of the forged documents on former DCI boss George Kinoti. During the last two years both Kinoti and Noordin have been having wrangles with each of them accusing the other of sabotage.

During his live interview with a local media station, Haji went on record to say that he was pressured in prosecuting high profile cases. After the shocking revelations, the DPP has been criticised and adored with equal measure among the public.

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However Kenyans are now increasingly calling for his resignation as he is unfit to hold the office. Notable political leaders and personalities want the DPP to vacate office in order for a fresh DPP to come in .

Karua’s Push

Martha Karua is among the notable figures who have called for Haji’s resignation. According to the Narc-Kenya Party Leader,Haji should man up and take responsibilities for his actions. Karua went on to say “Any public officer especially a senior who says I was forced to do, or say reveals themselves to be morally unfit to hold office and should resign or be fired,” Karua said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Swearing a false affidavit is a crime. DPP Haji ought to be taking steps against any DCI officer and any witness who confessed to have perjured themselves. Otherwise we are being treated to a charade orchestrated to sanitise the politically correct,” She said.


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